Prayer Plant Leaves Curling

Are your prayer plant leaves curling and turning brown, leaving you stumped and frustrated? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

In this blog post, we’ll explore the top 5 reasons why your prayer plant leaves are curling and provide effective solutions to bring your plant back to health.

Whether you have a Maranta leuconeura or a Calathea plant, these tips will help you identify the root cause of the problem and take the necessary steps to revive your beloved green friend.

Basic Info About Prayer Plant Leaves:

ShapeOval or lance-shaped
SizeTypically 5-6 inches long, varying depending on the species
TextureSmooth and glossy
ColorGreen with various patterns and markings
VenationProminent veins running parallel to the midrib
Leaf ArrangementAlternate arrangement on the stem
Leaf StructureSimple leaves with entire margins
Leaf MovementFolded or upright during the day, spreading or drooping at night
Leaf PatternIntricate patterns resembling prayer hands
Leaf MaintenanceProne to dust accumulation, requires occasional wiping
Leaf HealthYellowing or browning indicates possible issues
Leaf PropagationCan be propagated from stem cuttings
Leaf Care TipsRequires indirect light and high humidity for optimal growth

Before starting, I suggest you to watch this beautiful guide about Prayer plants:

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So, grab a cup of tea, sit back, and let’s dive into the world of prayer plant care!

Five Major Reasons Behind the Prayer Plant Leaves Curling:

1. Excessively Dry Soil: 

Potting soil that has long past absolutely dry is unfavorable to prayer vegetation and likely the maximum not unusual place cause for curling.

Not handiest will it purpose curling, however it may additionally purpose brown pointers in your foliage as well. This is the fastest manner to kill your prayer plant in case you are negligent with watering. This isn’t a plant that tolerates forget well!

Prayer vegetation likes a constantly wet potting soil blend so try to keep away from allowing them to cross the absolutely dry stage. They loathe dry situations of any sort.

A true rule of thumb is to attend till the pinnacle inch or so is dry earlier than watering again. If your plant has long past absolutely dry, ensure that you provide your plant a radical soaking and permit all extra water to empty away.

If your potting blend has long past absolutely dry, you must water your plant numerous instances in a row in an effort to recondition the soil to simply accept water again. Make certain to apply sufficient water and hold streaming it through till your potting blend is very well moistened again.

If you’re watering and the water appears to head immediately through the drainage holes very quickly, you then definitely recognize you will want to repot and rewet your soil. Use warm water and run it through numerous instances. 

2. Excessively Wet Soil: 

Ironically, having soil that is too moist also can cause your prayer plant leaves to curve as well. Good drainage is a ought to and having a drainage hollow is constantly recommended.

Pay unique interest whilst you water your plant, even when you have drainage holes. Never permit your plant to take a seat down in water for prolonged intervals of time. Always discard extra water that occurs to acquire both for your plant’s saucer or inner your cachepot or ornamental pot.

Prayer Plant Leaves Curling Wet Soil

It’s clean to emerge as lazy every now and then and permit this to happen! Overly moist soil also can cause fungus gnats to proliferate.

If your plant is sitting in water or remains too moist for too long, root rot can effortlessly set in. If the roots have rotted, your plant has no manner to absorb water to deliver to the leaves, and paradoxically this has the equal impact as “underwatering” your plant.

3. Poor Water Quality (Faucet Water): 

Prayer vegetation may be touchy to water quality, mainly in case you are using faucet water. There are a variety of components located in faucet water (diverse chlorine compounds, fluoride, minerals) which could acquire for your soil and purpose curling and additionally browning.

If you operate a water softening machine for your home, lots of those update the calcium and magnesium ions with sodium ions. Sodium is poisonous to vegetation and might cause each browning and curling of your leaves and eventual loss of life over time.

Rain water is pleasant for prayer vegetation, however you could additionally use filtered water or maybe distilled water.

4. Extreme Temperatures (Cold or Hot):

Being local to the jungles of Brazil, prayer vegetation adores its heat and that they revel in a constantly solid surroundings for your home.

Avoid situating your plant in the front of a cooling or heating vent, and keep away from drafty windows.

Prayer Plant Leaves Curling Temperature

5. Excessively Less Humidity: 

These vegetation are tropical vegetation from the jungles of Brazil, so it’s no surprise that they may protest in our stale, dry indoor air.

Try and create an extra humid interior if in any respect possible, in particular in case you run compelled air warmness like I do with inside the icy months.

To boost your humidity level, you’ve got some options. You can use a humidity tray or make a pebble tray in which you could add water and place your pot in it. Water will evaporate and create an extra humid microclimate to your plant. Moreover you can purchase a humidifier.

Creating an extra humid surroundings can even assist deter spider mites on the grounds that they have a tendency to proliferate in dry air.

Use the spray bottle really less. Because misting does not do anything to boom the humidity of your air, opposite to famous practice. It may even make a contribution to fungal ailment in case you overdo it, in particular in case your air flow is poor.

Additional Prayer Plant Care Tips:

Keep in thoughts that each one vegetation withinside the Marantaceae own circle of relatives will “pray” and their leaves fold up at night time, after which loosen up them backtrack at some stage in the day. This isn’t to be burdened as being a problem! This reaction to mild is known as photonastic motion and prayer vegetation and Oxalis triangularis are superb examples of this phenomenon.

Prayer vegetation thrive in brilliant oblique mild, so keep away from any severe daylight, in particular midday direct solar. Too much direct daylight can cause curling leaves. A couple hours of morning solar or overdue afternoon solar is secure enough even though interior, in particular withinside the icy months.

Situate your plant properly in the front of a northern window (in case you’re withinside the northern hemisphere) or a southern window (in case you’re withinside the southern hemisphere). These will offer sufficient mild (all oblique) to your plant to thrive. 

An Eastern dealing with a window with morning solar is likewise superb on the grounds that morning solar is gentler. If you’ve got splendid sunny windows, use a sheer curtain to diffuse the sun.

If you hold your plant too a ways from a window in a darkish spot, this could boom the time it takes to your soil to dry out, and might doubtlessly result in root rot and leaf curl, in particular when you have your plant in a pot this is too massive and poorly draining soil.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can Prayer Plant’s Leaves Uncurl?

If the soil feels dry or the prayer plant has been forgotten for a few weeks, the leaves are most likely curling. Thorough watering should help him get back to normal.

How to Fix the Issue of Curling Leaves in Prayer Plants?

Heat stress causes quick evaporation, causing plants to curl up to retain moisture. Plants too close to high intensity light are more susceptible to heat stress, which can be a problem where temperatures consistently exceed 80 degrees Fahrenheit. A solution for this problem is setting up a fan to blow hot air out and bring in cool fresh air.

How Often Should We Water the Prayer Plants?

Water every 1-2 weeks and wait until the soil is half dry between waterings. Water more frequently in bright areas and less frequently in dark areas. Prayer Plants are sensitive to hard water. Try filtered water or let the water sit overnight before using.


The Brazilian Prayer Plants are a must in a plant collection. They are beautiful, exotic and have really attractive foliages. But along with this they need care and attention in terms of all aspects. 

We covered all the points related to curling of the leaves of Prayer Plants. Moreover we hope that you found this article useful, and have known all the possible reasons about the curling leaves of your Prayer Plant. For your ease we had mentioned all the treatments along with the reasons. That’s a wrap!

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