Do Black Strawberries Exist? (Real OR Fake)

Have you ever heard of black strawberries? Then you must have thought about how they taste or how they look.

Today, in the following article we are going to give you a complete overview of black strawberries.

Are black strawberries real or fake? Do black strawberries exist? We will debunk all the black strawberry myths. Let’s hop directly into the knowledge. 

Do Black Strawberries Really Exist?

The darkest strawberry to exist is actually in a deep purple color. So, the black strawberries don’t exist. That’s the reason you never saw them in the market. If you see them on sale online then remember not to get scammed as the photos they use are just skillfully photoshopped to make them look jet-black. They are just fake photos that lead you to buy them. 

Moreover, sometimes they have videos or other stuff related that prove them to be jet-black in color, then surprisingly that’s just a regular red strawberry that they have coated with primer and black spray paint. 

Always keep an eye out for these scams and never be too quick to fall for those lovely photos you see online!

Do Black Strawberries Really Exist?

Once you have bought the seeds from them. You will not suspect the product being fake and scam until months or even a couple of years. This is because strawberries are really difficult and time-consuming to start from seed, and sometimes the seeds can not produce fruit within a year. 

This is the time when the scammers flee the scene of the crime after making money. And you have no idea that they have sold you a scam product for a bill of goods.

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The Genetic Modification of Strawberries

Understanding the science behind modifying plant traits is crucial when considering the possibility of creating black strawberries. Throughout the years, scientists have utilized various breeding techniques to enhance the characteristics of strawberries.

This involves selecting plants with desirable traits and cross-pollinating them through traditional methods, resulting in the development of new strawberry varieties.

Thanks to advancements in genetic engineering and biotechnology, scientists now have the ability to directly modify plant traits by introducing genes from other organisms into the DNA of the strawberry plant.

It is important to note, however, that the majority of strawberries available commercially are not genetically modified.

Real Strawberry Colors:

Don’t worry you have many other options when the talk comes to strawberry colors. The black strawberries are nothing but a well-crafted scam. Let’s see what options you have:

  • Purple
  • Yellow
  • White
  • Red

Let’s take a look at each one.

Purple Strawberries:

Purple strawberries, a fascinating variant of their traditional red counterparts, boast a deep and darker hue that allures the senses. While not quite reaching the realm of black strawberries, their rich, dark purple color sets them apart. A visually striking experience is created by the captivating shade that permeates this fruit.

two purple strawberries

This beautiful berry has a vibrant and sweet taste that enhances its charm. Besides their captivating appearance, purple strawberries also offer a delightful burst of flavor.

With each bite, one can savor the unique combination of sweetness and tang, making them a delectable treat for fruit lovers seeking a novel culinary experience.

Please note that although purple strawberries may exist in some experimental or selectively bred varieties, they are not commonly found in nature. The description provided here is based on a creative interpretation of purple strawberries.

Yellow Strawberries:

Get ready to be dazzled by the sunny charm of yellow strawberries! These delightful fruits are no ordinary berries, but they pack just as much flavor punch as their red counterparts.

You might be skeptical at first, wondering if their vibrant hue affects their taste, but fret not, for yellow strawberries boast a delectable flavor that rivals the traditional red ones. So, prepare your taste buds for a zesty adventure!

astonishing yellow strawberry

While yellow strawberries share the same size as their red siblings most of the time, occasionally, they might be slightly smaller in stature.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t detract from their appeal or popularity. These captivating golden gems have garnered a considerable following, especially in Europe, where they have become a common sight.

Their unique color adds a touch of novelty to fruit bowls and culinary creations, making them a favored choice among creative chefs and adventurous food enthusiasts.

So, next time you spot these radiant beauties, don’t hesitate to indulge in their lusciousness and experience the joy of tasting sunshine in every bite!

White Strawberries:

White strawberries are a fascinating twist on the traditional red ones. Despite their pale color, they possess the same delicious taste as their vibrant counterparts. What sets them apart is their appearance and seed variations. Some white strawberries surprise us with red-colored seeds, while others showcase yellowish seeds.

three white strawberries on a table

Popular types of white strawberries include White Soul and Pineberry, each offering a unique flavor experience. These intriguing berries prove that taste knows no color boundaries, making them a delightful choice for adventurous fruit enthusiasts.

Red Strawberries:

Last but not the least are, of course, the red strawberries that we all know and love.

You can find them at any gardening store or any online garden center. You can spot the red strawberries in a wide group of varieties. Some are the smaller ones, others can be larger in fruit size. Moreover, some have long fruiting seasons and some just last for a month. 

These are so common that you can find a suitable variety no matter what the local climate, soil conditions, or other factors you have to work with. 

a bowl full of sweet and red strawberries

They have the characteristics of being pretty and tasty, but along with this, they are packed with several nutrients. Like Polyphenols, vitamins C and E, and Fibers. What’s interesting is that strawberries and other types of berries are an important part of a heart-healthy diet. So feel free to eat strawberries often. Even if you are bound to a medical condition. 

We recommend combining the strawberries in a salad with fresh greens. You’ll have a nutrient-powerhouse meal. Though strawberries are nutrient-rich on their own, using them in a salad will make a healthy meal for you. Plus greens are easy to grow almost anywhere! 

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How to Tell that a Seed-Seller is Fake and Scam:

Most of the time, these seed scams happen online. As there are sellers that offer great quality seeds, it can be really hard to tell the difference between the two. So, we have formulated some points to make yourself safe from these scammers:

  • If the seller has a really small and limited variety of products (maybe even just black strawberry seeds) instead of a full inventory of items for purchase.
  • They might be selling something that is new to you. This is not always a scam, new plant varieties always emerge. But it is better not to buy something that you are unaware of. 
  • See the reviews of buyers and also the sale number. This is the first indicator that will lead to a positive explanation. People might have written about the scam if they too have fallen for the scam before you.

These types of scams are always possible as the internet is a virtual place. But don’t let these scammers stop you from shopping, instead overcoming them.

The Future of Strawberry Colors

As our understanding of genetics and plant manipulation continues to evolve, the future of strawberry colors holds immense potential.

Genetic research and manipulation techniques may eventually enable scientists to introduce genes that produce darker pigments, pushing the boundaries of strawberry color.

However, it’s crucial to consider consumer preferences and market demands. While some may find the idea of black strawberries intriguing, others might prefer the familiar red or other existing variations.

Balancing genetic advancements with consumer acceptance will shape the direction of strawberry breeding programs in the coming years.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

What are black strawberries?

No, there are no actual black strawberries. If you spot them online, remember that they are scam or fake.

How many varieties of strawberries naturally exist? 

There are four types of strawberries. Red, Purple, Yellow and White. Mostly these all taste the same, and have few differences. 

Do strawberries turn dark red?

Sometimes at the end of the ripening process, the fruit is enriched with sugar. And sugar reacts with anthocyanidin to form anthocyanin, which gives the strawberry dark red color.


We have told you all the truths about the black strawberries, so we hope that you won’t get fooled by fake online photos. If you want something extraordinary and different then you can always opt for the yellow, white or purple strawberry varieties. 

We hope you’ve found this article helpful and knowledgeable. Be sure to not get scammed and harvest proper real fruits. 

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