Tall Succulents: 11 Beautiful Plants That You Can Grow

In the following article, we have gathered the list of the top 11 Tall Succulents that will add beauty to your place with heights. 

The succulents are mostly really slow growers. This doesn’t mean that they can achieve great tallness over time. They become huge towering plants and add beauty to your gardens, home indoors and even parks. 

If you want a vertically tall growing succulent, we have also added a few of these succulent types.

11 Different Tall Succulents:

Let’s get into the list of 11 of our favorite tall succulent plants that can grow to great heights in your home.

1. Mother Of Millions:

This tall succulent is just an extraordinary kind of plant. Don’t get surprised, but it can grow even taller than us, up to 7 feet tall (2.1 meters), and spread to 3 feet (90 cm).

This unique name is because it has a unique ability. Each of its leaves is filled with lots of tiny pups or offset. They fall to the floor and become tiny new plants.

Moreover, it has patterned foliage and stalks that have colors including greens, browns, violets, grays, purples and blues.

Besides all this, they have bright and vibrant orange flowers that resemble a bell. This plant reproduces a lot but has a small life span. 

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2. Candelabra Spurge:

Interestingly, Candelabra spurge has a similar look to cactus. Moreover, it has a similar height. This plant can grow up to 20 feet (6.0 meters) and spread 8 feet (2.4 meters).

The trunk is mostly the reason for its tallness, as it is thin and long. The branches have spikes at the rims of the deep ribs. 

Talking about the characteristics, the plant has a smooth wax-like surface. It has a greenish-blue color that contrasts with golden. Besides this, all is complemented by brown-colored spikes. 

3. Joshua Tree:

Joshua tree gets tall and huge, so it needs a lot of space. It can achieve heights of 30 feet (9.0 meters).

It gives a beautiful look like a fur coat on it. The main branches form a kind of twisted arms that tend to be decorative. This succulent has pointed leaves. 

This plant has an iconic shape and a huge size. This can help to make a bold statement. It can grow easily by using rhizomes, stem cuttings and offsets.

4. Century Plant:

Century plant mostly stays a bit short compared to others on this list. But the most surprising part is that it will suddenly grow into a tall giant during its end days. This plant grows to a huge size, reaching 30 feet high (9.0 meters) and 8 feet across (2.4 meters).

The most mesmerizing part is the leaves. The color silverish blue makes a bold statement. And most importantly, they will stay in perfect rosette shape for decades. It also has a flower stem; yellow flowers bloom on top of the long thin stalk.

When the blossom is spent, the quote will break and fall, and the plant will die. But before doing so, it will produce many offsets at the base for you to propagate.

In short, you can notice that the century plant acts like an unchangeable statue for most of its life.

5. Sticks On Fire:

Euphorbia tirucalli is a different kind of succulent. When fully grown, many sticks are growing that are on fire. This succulent can reach amazing sizes if it’s in the right conditions. It can grow to 30 feet (9.0 meters) and spread up to 8 feet (2.4 meters).

Ever wanted a plant similar to sea corals in your garden? Then this one is the perfect one for you. The color contrasts are formed using emerald green for the stems starting and fiery orange-red at the endings.

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6. Spineless Yucca:

Spineless yucca usually turns out as a mini tree, forming a stem resembling an elephant’s foot. It splits off into smaller branches. They have large blade-like leaves that are glossy and have a bluish-emerald color.

The size usually is up to 30 feet in height (9.0 meters) and 25 feet in width (7.5 meters).

Flowers bloom in the form of clusters and have a creamy color. Along with all this, they are edible and have a lot of nutrition. The best part is that you get all these features at very low maintenance. 

7. Ocotillo:

Another amazing tall succulent plant is Ocotillo. It is a unique succulent, and it has a natural vase shape. The stems are quite long and thin. It has huge, 20 feet tall (6.0 meters) and 25 in spread (7.5 meters).

The stems have a pattern similar to marble, having color schemes of gray, blue and green. Sometimes it has left, but it depends on the level of water intake.

Once the summer season starts, you will notice this succulent has long and tubular red flowers at the tips of the stems. 

8. Snake Plant:

The snake plant is usually potted because it naturally stays short. It can grow up to 8 feet in height (2.4 meters). But, this depends on what the species is and also on the conditions it is being provided. 

The leaves are the most beautiful part. They are long, a little bit curved and blade-like. Plus, this plant can have a lot of colors like green, yellow, silver and blue stripes, patches and patterns. Its popularity is also because of the smooth and waxy surface. 

If you are growing this plant indoors and have hot weather, you can move it to your garden. You’ll see the wonders it does when it’s tall. 

9. Tree Aloe:

Tree aloe is also called the giant succulent. It originated in South Africa and Mozambique. Size can be up to 60 feet in height (18 meters) and 20 feet (6.0 meters) in the spread.

The stem is large, upright, thick and has a grayish color. Moving to the leaves, they are dark bluish-green and have a pointed appearance with curving tips. 

When this succulent is mature, you can have panicles of bright orange tubular flowers high above the foliage.

10. Crown Of Thorns:

The Crown of thorns is a slow grower, but when fully matured, it can have a size of up to 6 feet in height (1.8 meters) and almost 3 feet (0.9 meters) in width.

It is a popular succulent, and its characteristics include a wood-like spiky stem. It has green, oval and thick leaves. 

The flowers are very small, but their appearance is spectacular. They stay on the plant for a long time. Moreover, this plant flowers all through the year. 

This plant is usually grown in containers, and it requires low maintenance. You will notice another amazing thing in winter, and the foliage, too, may turn orange to wine red.

11. Elephant Bush:

A great succulent that needs little to no attention but can still grow a story tall. The plant forms a shrub that can have a size of up to 12 feet tall (3.6 meters) and 6 feet in spread (1.8 meters).

It has soft branches that look rough; however, when they are young, they look tender, shiny and purple. The leaves are very small and thick and have a heart shape. The color is jade green, and they are waxy as well. 

These leaves are edible and are used as medicine, especially for insect bites. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

How long can succulents go without water?

Indoor succulents in cooler months require less water; surprisingly, they can live for 1-3 months without water. Outdoor succulents need less water but more than indoor ones.

Do succulents require full sun, or is shade needed?

Succulents love the direct sun; if you have placed it in a window, try rotating the plant towards the sun. Succulents lean towards the sun, and in this way, the whole plant will get equal light.

What pot size is required by succulents?

The best pot size for succulents is 10% wider and 10% deeper than the plant itself. Go for shallow pots, as succulents don’t like to be buried. 


Before wrapping up the article, we recommend getting one of these tall and wide succulents per your requirement. These succulents need less care and attention, but still, they will make your garden or your collection absorbing. 

Hope we covered all the tall succulents and that you got all the information you were looking for. 

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